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lorna-newDr Lorna Cork is an experienced researcher and education consultant specialising in leadership and performance improvement in schools and organisations and within communities. Her unique combination of  over 20 years’ senior level experience  covering the public sector, schools,  research and  policy, alongside  work in community settings  brings both depth and breadth of  knowledge to  her independent  consultancy role.

As a visionary leader she adopts a multi-disciplinary approach to problem-solving, and is reputed for her child and family centred approach which recognises that equality is integral to organisational/school improvement. A recent example of this approach was well-received research and advice on how a   Schools and Settings Improvement Service could work more effectively and strategically with the Integrated Family Support Service to minimise risk and maximise outcomes for vulnerable children and families.

She is author of the ground-breaking book Supporting Black pupils and parents and the lead author of The Reach Report, a study commissioned by the government to explore ways of raising the aspirations and achievement of black boys and young black men. Her own research has a strong focus on the role of schools, parents and community organisations in collaborating to ensure that young people succeed in life. Dr Cork’s development of the ‘Yes We Will’ educational leadership, achievement and parental engagement programme, inspired by the presidential election trail of Barack Obama has sustained its impact on young people, schools, families and the wider community.

After 10 years as a senior consultant with one of the largest and more complex local authorities, her decision in 2012 to form a social enterprise and consultancy is long overdue and allows her to offer her unique combination of skills to benefit organisations, schools and families alike. She also makes a welcome return to academia with a new role as an approved tutor at the University of Leicester, where she will be teaching on the MA in Education: Leadership and Learning and on the MSC  in Educational Leadership Programmes.