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I'm honoured

June 17, 2012

Dr Lorna Cork is now Dr Lorna Cork MBE.  The first person I told was my dear mother.  Her response, in true Jamaican style was:   “Oh my Lord, sweet, sweet Jesus.”

I’ve received the award for services to education.  You may have read my profile…over 20 years in education, which I have absolutely LOVED; a classroom teacher, senior leader,  education research, working with Birmingham School Improvement Service and a book about different models of support for black pupils and parents, published by Routledge.

I understand that the MBE  recognises service  that’s exceptional in some way and  the citation for the award specifically  mentions the ‘Yes We Will’ programme, the Leadership and Achievement Programme I  have created and led, inspired by  Obama’s trailblazing entry to the presidential campaign.

In reality, I have developed Yes We Will over the lifetime of my work in the education sector; mainly in what would be described as the ‘inner cities.’ What is  distinctive about  my approach is that I work  IN schools, using my professional and leadership experience and Ofsted training in  coaching  heads of department,  supporting  senior and middle leaders,  motivating the young people and I work OUTSIDE of the schools with parents,   business people and community organisations.

Through the Yes We Will, I have initiated opportunities for powerful collaborations to inspire and maximise the achievement of all concerned. Lawyers, authors, journalists, charities and others have supported children and families.  The extension of the programme to International Women’s Month “Yes Women Will  event in March this year was a development which illustrated very forcibly that learning really IS for life.

I can’t wait to see the look on my mother’s face when I take her with me to Buckingham Palace.

I'd just like to say a big thank you to all the well-wishers who have telephoned, tweeted, texted and sent warm congratulations by email and Facebook. This is one I found especially touching:

"You should make the most of this honour as recognition of the hard work you have done in Birmingham, well above the requirements of your post, and the moral courage you have shown to persevere and show leadership when things have not been easy for you or other professionals who appreciate the significance of the work you are engaged in…I have no doubt that Yes We Will and it its offshoot Yes Women Will, will leave a positive legacy."

Paula Elenor, Independent Education Consultant


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  1. Ronke Lawal 8 years ago   Reply

    What a thing it is to be a true inspiration, a truly altruistic individual, your spirit shines through in the work that you do. One does not work hard with the sole aspiration to win awards nor to attain titles for they are of course man given but by winning them an attaining them it is a valid and relevant recognition of your efforts in the community and in the world at large. You are an amazing woman! Thank you for leaving the gift of a legacy for more generations to come. Enjoy The Palace.
    Ronke Lawal
    Islington Chamber of Commerce

  2. Megel Barker 8 years ago   Reply

    Oh Lorna !!!!!!! I am so honoured to know such a dedicated servant incomparable person. You deserve this long overdue award. God bless and continue the fight! Always knew you were an MBE! Motivated Black Empress!

  3. Les Booth 8 years ago   Reply

    Dear Lorna,
    What wonderful, heart-warming news! Many congratulations!
    This is indeed great recognition of your inspiring work and is very well deserved.  I fully support Paula’s highlighting (above) of your moral courage which, along with your dedication to public service and to the principles of social justice, I personally experienced as a driving force of your work as a senior adviser in Birmingham’s Advisory and Support Service.
    How fitting a tribute this is and what a fantastic thing for your mother to accompany you to The Palace, and for you both to have what will be a truly wonderful and memorable day.
    Once again Lorna, many, many congratulations. Well done for all you have achieved, and (I know) will continue to achieve.
    Les Booth
    Independent Education Consultant

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